What’s Old Is New Again

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I remember as a little girl, shopping with my beautiful Mum and she would show me styles that she had worn in her teens, that had come back into fashion.  Fast forward to now and many clothes/accessories that I wore in my teens and early 20’s, are back in vogue!  Take the bird cage bag for example. It’s been a very popular accessory this Summer and spotted in the hand of many fashion forward women.  It was also one of the first hand bags I bought for myself and I loved it!  A few months ago, I was fortunate to find my original bird cage bag (pictured) stored away in pristine condition with some of my fave items.  I was so excited and couldn’t wait to show my sisters!  We laughed about all the fun times we had getting dressed up and going out together and they reminded me that I wore this little cane bag with everything, particularly my faux white leather mini skirt!  So you see, what is old is new again.  In recognition of sustainable fashion and Fashion Revolution Week’s (#whatsyourlovestory), I encourage you too to cherish your favourite items and bring them back to life again.  I know my little bird cage bag will live on for many years, thanks to my gorgeous nieces (Giselle, Sienna and Romy), who are all keen to wear it now too!

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