Personal Style Consultation

Do you admire some women and wonder what it is that makes them look polished?

Most likely these ladies understand their body shape and have learnt how to dress for it, so they always look great!

Would you like to learn:-

Key styling tips for your body shape and how to flatter your figure?

Why certain accessories, shoes and hairstyles suit you better than others?

How your personality relates to the styles that you like to wear?

Your 4 hour Style Consultation will include:

  • Determining your body shape
  • Key clothing styles to flatter your figure
  • Master the art of highlighting and camouflaging
  • Identify your style personality
  • Learn what styles are best for you in jewellery, accessories, shoes
  • Fabrics that are ideal for your body shape
  • Hairstyles to enhance your face
  • Combining all this knowledge, we will form your true “signature style”
  • Complimentary Style Book to take home and use as a guide for future reference


  • Easier to shop when you know which styles work best for your body shape
  • Save time when shopping, as you will only try on clothes that flatter your figure
  • Save money by avoiding styles that don’t work
  • Know which accessories look best on you
  • Quicker to dress and always look stylish
  • Style book to keep as a handy reference
  • Receive compliments, gain confidence and notice improvements in your life!