Susie is a styling genius! Before I met her, I was clueless about what colours and styles suited me and my wardrobe was a hodge podge of outfits – a lot of which I never wore. Susie helped me identify the best styles for my personality, learn which colours suit me and which don’t and also understand what styles and cuts of clothing suits my body.

Shopping with Susie is so much fun! I loved how she politely shooed away the shop assistants from the change room, as they were offering the wrong colours and styles for me to try on. I now feel capable walking into a store, knowing exactly what to look for and what to ignore, so I’m no longer wasting time and money buying the wrong clothes and I’m feeling so much more comfortable and confident in what I am wearing now.

Thanks again Susie. Please be my shopping buddy forever 🙂

Karin van Heerwaarden – North Turramurra

I am the ultimate skeptic on self-improvement and therefore have to say how impressed and surprised I was on the outcome of my session with Susie.  I am now wearing colours, tones and jewellery that I would never have dreamed of doing – even changed my hair colour!  A real eye-opener and everyone is telling me how good I look – haven’t had that happen in a long time!

Thank you Susie – you are a true professional!

Marea – Queens Park

Colour and Styling with Susie was fun and very informative. I had no idea how different colours against the skin, can make you look either washed out or glowing.  The styling component was incredibly thorough, right down to sunnies and jewellery.  Shopping has always felt like a chore but Personal Shopping with Susie was amazing and I now have a couple of new items in my wardrobe that mix really well with my existing clothes.

Overall, I found Susie to be so helpful and professional and I have it all summarised in my folder which I can refer back to.  A great experience, something I should have done 20 yrs ago.

Sally – Frenchs Forest

As a mum of three young children and living in rural Australia, I do not have the time or retail outlets to worry too much about my fashion sense and style, however after losing weight and turning 40, I decided it was time to do something special for ME and so I enlisted the professional help of Biddy & Jean!

Susie was an absolute sweet heart and I really felt I had known her for years.  Not only is she warm and endearing but the tips & advice she gave me were invaluable. I have gone from a generic chain store school mum, to someone with confidence and poise.  Susie has given me the push I needed to go from just being ‘mum’ to being ME….. Not to mention the fun we had together in the session – it was fantastic!

Thank you Susie, you have truly changed my ability to go out the door without feeling daggy and dull – I have re-entered the work force and feel like a new woman …… A woman wearing the right colours and style to suit me of course!

Anika – Cootamundra

Many thanks to Susie, for my recent “Absolutely Fabulous” package.  It was great fun, but also really valuable in terms of pin-pointing my colour grouping & then culling my wardrobe to suit.  I now know why some of those clothes I liked, just never felt right!  I especially love my portable Colour Profile that lives in my handbag, so I never buy the wrong colour again!I now feel more confident when I’m shopping & save lots of time (& money) by being able to immediately rule out whole sections at once.  All your style tips were great, and I’m looking forward to our next shopping trip!

Alison – Tennyson Point

Susie, thank you for giving me back the confidence to walk out my front door with pride.  My teenage children have been a little harsh over the years about my dress selection and you have turned that around with great advice and guided me to better choices in colour and style when shopping.  I love feeling great about myself, you made that happen.

Jenny – Wahroonga

My consultation with Susie really boosted my confidence and appreciation for my body shape.  I learned a lot about how I can project my personality, while showcasing my best assets! I realised I could dress in clothes that I originally thought do not suit my body shape but in fact highlight my best features. I discovered a new appreciation for my favourite pieces and knowledge of what to look for on building my future wardrobe. My consultation was an inspiring experience!  Susie made me feel comfortable and offered realistic advice that suited my personal style and body shape.

Narelle Thompson (Winner of a Personal Style Consultation at Vision Personal Training)

I was first introduced to Susie when she did a talk to a small group at my gym all about different body shapes and what kind of clothing is suitable for each shape. At the end of the talk, she was giving away a free personal consultation and I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would win it, because the talk was so interesting and I learnt so much. Susie has a great amount of knowledge and she explains it easily using pictures and examples. She was only too happy to answer any of our questions and kept stressing that we could ask her anything if we didn’t understand. My daughter and I decided to do a Personal Style Consultation and it was so detailed.  Susie spent such a long time with us and she is always friendly, happy and easy to understand. Nothing is too much trouble for her. We both came away with a much much better idea of what to look for in styles of clothing and I think this will make us better equipped when we go shopping, and come across pushy sales girls. We now look forward to her next talk on colours.

Vivian Sussman – Bellevue Hill

I was completely unaware of what colours suited and didn’t suit me.  Thank you for pointing out what colours I can wear.  Also the way you “threw together” dresses and scarves that you found in my wardrobe!  I was very impressed with your ability to be able to make a simple dress into a very interesting item by choosing the correct coloured accessories.  Your whole approach was so professional and I wish I had come to you earlier.  I have more confidence now when I put things together.

Maggie Kingsford-Smith – Bondi Junction

“I’ve heard some very complimentary words about you from Tina and I would like to thank you very much for the extra effort you put into the session with Tina last Saturday. I know that it was a long and a hot day, and that you worked very hard to help Tina with her style. It was very well received and Tina is keen to follow your advice. That, in my opinion, is a big success!”

Andre Jedrzejczk (A wonderful Father who bought an Absolutely Fabulous package for his lovely daughter Tina)