Wardrobe Organisation

Imagine having a neat and well organised wardrobe, full of clothes that fit perfectly

and make you feel amazing?  

Well you can!

Your 2 hour Wardrobe Organisation will include:

  • Review your existing clothing/accessories
  • Remove styles that no longer suit you
  • Remove colours that drain you
  • Give items that are loved but no longer suitable away to a charity or a friend
  • Arrange to re-vamp clothes for a new lease of life
  • Store cherished/sentimental pieces out of everyday section of wardrobe
  • Make a list of key pieces that are now required
  • Team clothing with accessories to create stylish outfits
  • Complimentary photographs of these outfits, for future reference


  • Always have something to wear for any occasion
  • Save time getting dressed, as clothes now organised and easier to find
  • Co-ordinating outfits with accessories to match
  • New purchases will work back with what you already have in your wardrobe
  • Never have to say, “I have nothing to wear” ever again.