Grace during Personal Colour Consultation.
The warm Brick Red is more complimentary to Grace’s complexion than the cool Pink.


Kathy & her daughter Ingrid in their new outfits from the Wesson Style Event.

Tristen prior to a personal colour, style and shopping experience. Tristen looks great after her personal colour, style and shopping experience with Biddy and Jean.

Tristen before/after Personal Colour/Style/Shopping

Nacelle before a personal styling consultation. Here's Narelle after a personal style consultation.

Narelle before/after Personal Style Consultation

Gabrielle before a personal style and colour consultation. Gabrielle looks fantastic after her personal colour and style consultation.

Gabrielle before/after “Simply Gorgeous” Package


Katherine before/after Personal Colour Consultation

IMG_4159 IMG_4155

Karin after “Indulge Package”

Sallyann before Personal Colour/Style/Shopping. Sallyann after Personal Colour/Style/Shopping.

Sallyann before/after Personal Colour/Style/Shopping

Fiona before we went shopping. Fiona after personal shopping with Biddy and Jean. Another outfit for Fiona after shopping.

Fiona before/after Personal Shopping.

Maggie before a Personal Colour, Style and Wardrobe Consultation Maggie after a Personal Colour, Style and Wardrobe Consultation

Maggie before/after Personal Colour/Style/Wardrobe Consultation


Irene enjoying her Personal Shopping session


Tina before/after “Absolutely Fabulous” package

Lisa before personal styling Lisa after personal styling

Lisa before/after Personal Colour Consultation

Rosemary before/after “Absolutely Fabulous” package


Vivian during Personal Colour Consultation. The warm Orange is more flattering than cool Purple.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.58.26 pm IMG_2129

Kathy & Joy displaying/wearing their ideal colours after Personal Colour/Style Consultations

IMG_4557 IMG_4558
Phoebe during Personal Colour Consultation (Silver is more complimentary to her complexion than Gold)

IMG_1395 IMG_1403


Lisa, Gaby, Susie, Alice at Crown Oaks Day, Flemington Race Course, Melbourne

Fiona dressed for the races.

Fiona dressed for the races.

Sallann and Lisa at the races Gabrielle and Sallyann

Sallyann & Lisa @ the races. Gabrielle & Sallyann @ the races.


Kylie, Emily, Tina, Jacqui, Meg, Lorene, Melanie & Karen – enjoying a group session at Kylie’s home in Caragabal